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About the Author John Stallcup: 

As the senior marketing executive for one of the largest wine companies in the US John repositioned the largest volume wine brand in America, launched a million-case brand, and changed the flavor profile system for one of the most notorious wine brands. The past decade John dedicated his career to working on the front lines of the wine business in tasting rooms in the Napa Valley and Paso Robles. John worked in the tasting room of one of the first growth wineries in Napa when they planned built and moved into a new state of the art tasting room. In 2017 John planned, built and launched a tasting room in a Luxury resort in Paso Robles, CA. John tested all of information, tips and techniques in this book with thousands of tasting room visitors from all over the world while tasting and pouring some of the most famous California wines and some not so famous.  

About: “How to Hack a Wine Tasting, With Related Dispatches from the Valley of the 1%:”

The most fun you can have in the wine business is pouring wine for tasting room visitors from around the world. Hearing their stories for the past decade and seeing the need to help wine country visitors understand more about their experience of wine is why I wrote this book. I listened closely to the comments, thoughts, questions and complaints from the thousands of conversations I have had while pouring wine for tasting room visitors. I read countless books on the Human sensory science that impacts wine. I tested the information presented in this book with tasting room visitors while they tasted wine. The book is dedicated to the thousands of visitors I have met who were kind enough to listen and give feedback on the information contained in this book. I wrote the book so you would better understand what creates your own personal wine preferences and to provide some tools to make wine less complicated, more easily understood, and a lot more fun. The most important thing to learn about any wine is whether you like the way it tastes or not. Reading this book will help you understand why no one ever experiences a wine the same way twice and no two people have the same experience of wine even if they are drinking the same wine at the same time in the same place. Wine is a very personal experience. 

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents





Part I

Hacking a wine tasting

1. Predicting Wine Preference  

2. Why We drink wine  

3. Sensory Adaptation  

4. Mindful Wine Tasting  

5. Flavor Balancing vs Wine Pairing  

6. Decanting or Aerating  

Part II

The Science behind wine tasting

7. Taste the Gatekeeper  

8. Taste vs Flavor  

9. The Nose Knows  

10. The Eyes Have It  

11. Blue Eyed Stranger  

12. Touching Wine  

13. Listening to Wine  

14. Altitude & Wine  

Part III

Things people ask about wine in tasting rooms

15. Sweetness in Wine  

16. The Sommeliers Difference            

17. Men Women & Wine  

18. Oak in Wine  

19. References